We perform perc-tests, install new systems or repair your existing system.    Our experience includes installation of the nitrogen removal systems now required by the Calvert & St. Mary’s County Health Departments for properties located in the critical areas.  We routinely install mound systems, septic tanks, drain fields and pump pits.  We offer free estimates for all projects.


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Our Services

Top Soil, Gravel, & Sand

J. Calvin Wood Jr., Inc., is well known for delivering top-quality gravel and sand, as well as back-fill dirt, screened topsoil, and mulch, to residential and commercial job sites. Too often the delayed delivery of these materials can hold up contractors and laborers, which keeps them from finishing the job on time. This does not happen with J. Calvin Wood Jr., Inc. With us, the deliveries are always on time and consist of the best quality materials you can get for the money.


J. Calvin Wood Jr., Inc., has been in business long enough to know that on-time deliveries of quality materials to the job site is the top priority. Unfortunately, entire projects can be put on hold because the contractor could not have the materials delivered on time. With J. Calvin Wood Jr., Inc., you do not have to worry about that. We are always on time, if not early, with all of our deliveries. You can count on it.   Read More...

Available for delivery or picked up from our yard.

* Same day or next day delivery.

Our crews are Leaders in the areas of septic systems, excavation, land clearing, grading, demolition, storm water management, road preparation and installation. 

Our company provides contractors, developers and homeowners with mulch, screened topsoil, gravel, stone, and sand for road, path or landscape applications.

3790 Saint Leonard Road, Saint Leonard, MD

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Fax:            410-586-8969
Email:  Info@jcalvinwood.com
Toll Free: 800-250-9887

Our dump trucks and demo trailers are always ready to move your debris and material.

We have the equipment necessary to move heavy equipment such as excavators, dozers, etc...  requiring SHA permits.  We will move it on time and on your schedule.     

J. Calvin Wood, Jr., Inc. is a fully licensed septic system contractor for Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties, Maryland.